48mm Airless Pump Container Lid


This 100ml Airless Dispenser Bottle not only looks professional but offers revolutionary protection both within and without for your product.

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48mm Airless Dispenser With Clear Over-Cap

48mm Airless Dispenser With Clear Over-Cap is made from quality polypropylene (PP) plastic.

A popular packaging choice for natural and preservative-free products. Great for housing your skincare products, serums, foundations, skin, facial and eye treatments and beauty cosmetics.

The 48mm clear Dispenser Caps system helps reduce the amount of time your product is exposed to air. Helping to increase the shelf-life of your product by up to 15%.

The product is dispensed cleanly and without over-use simply by pressing the finger-operated pump, this action creates a vacuum effect, which in turn draws the product upwards. Resulting in an almost entire use of the product.

Great for all your bath, beauty and cosmetic packaging needs.

This airless bottle can be used across a wide range of industries and will complement your products perfectly.


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